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There are many ways to contribute:

Technical overview

This document gives a technical overview of the project, for newcomers who want to contribute.

Building the project locally

This project has minimal dependency on Xcode-only features (e.g. InterfaceBuilder, Playgrounds). You can build it by doing:

Raising a pull-request

If you want to contribute a PR, please run npm install once. It will add the pre-commit hook to ensure that your commits follow the convention and will pass the PR.

This project specifically

To mitigate the issues listed above, we took some measures.

We minimize reliance on XCode, InterfaceBuilder, Playground, and other GUI tools. You can’t cut the dependency completely though as only XCode can build macOS apps. Currently, the project has these files:

The project directory is organized in the following way:

Path Role
config/ XCode build settings
docs/ supporting material to document the project
resources/ files that are shipped inside the final .app (e.g. icons)
scripts/ bash scripts useful for CI and local workflows
src/ Swift source code
src/api-wrappers Wrapping some unfriendly APIs (usually C-APIs)
src/logic Business logic (i.e. “models”)
src/ui UI code (e.g. sublasses of NSView or NSCollectionView)

Other folders/files are either tooling or auto-generated (e.g. Pods/ and Frameworks/ are generated by pod install)