Actually sort files on your FAT drives



FatDriveSorter helps you actually sort files on your FAT drives

Why does this exist?

FAT drives store files using a raw sort order. It’s not alphabetical, most recent, etc. It’s a purely technical sort order which the user can’t enforce easily.

Some simple devices, such as MP3 players or hand-held consoles, display files without sorting. This leads to a surprising sort order for the user. FatDriveSorter uses technical tricks to enforce a better sort order.



Download the latest release

Alternatively, you can use homebrew:

Homebrew 2.7 and above Homebrew 2.5 and 2.6 Homebrew 2.4 and below
brew install --cask fat-drive-sorter brew install fat-drive-sorter brew cask install fat-drive-sorter



FatDriveSorter is available in: English

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Privacy and respecting the user

Using the embedded fatsort CLI

FatDriveSorter includes a built of fatsort. It is located in the .app bundle, at FatDriveSorter.app/Contents/MacOS/fatsort. It can be called from the Terminal to do advanced sorting. You can call fatsort -h for to see the options.


FatDriveSorter is under the GPL-3.0 license.